The Security Staff at NWRRC is responsible for the 24-hour daily supervision and monitoring of residents in the living unit and during their approved movement in the community.  Our Security Staff promote a safe and humane facility as well as supervise and/or manage rule compliance, facility and perimeter security, room and personal searches, drug and alcohol testing, sanitation inspections, visiting procedures, and other tasks as needed for the secure operations of the facility. The security staff is made up of Security Monitors, a Security Supervisor, and Lead Security Monitors.

NWRRC staff training and rules are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for all of its residents. To do so, it is necessary to identify rule(s) violations for which we have a “zero tolerance” policy. Our belief is that a safe and secure environment is conducive to a successful environment for those serious about a successful transition back to society.

NWRRC will not tolerate participation in:

  1. Violent behavior
  2. Insolence and disrespectful behavior
  3. Possession, use, or paraphernalia of any contraband, including drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc. Drugs include standard illegal drugs, non-prescribed narcotic and synthetic drugs in existence now or made in the future.
  4. Gang behavior. Behavior includes evidence, photographs, text messages, emails, or any other possessed indicator of involvement.
Control Room
Control Room