2017 PREA Report


PREA Annual Report 2017

Prior to 2017, we at NWRRC were focused on implementing the PREA standards and preparing for our first audit. Having met all of the standards, 2017 was dedicated to the culture change required to ensure the standards are practiced.

NWRRC worked with the PREA Resource Center in Washington, DC to identify best practices and to work through challenges. After learning that numerous agencies throughout the country have found that identifying and addressing sexual harassment as it relates to PREA is a challenge, we scheduled training.
The PREA Resource Center identified a trainer who specialized in sexual harassment, and NWRRC worked with them to provide the training to staff from NWRRC, Oregon State DOC, Multnomah County, Clark County and Washington County Sheriff’s Offices.

PREA Reports at NWRRC—2017

  1. A former resident made a 3rd party report of sexual assault outside the facility between a staff member and another former resident.
    Investigation Outcome: Unfounded.
  2. There were 2 separate reports of resident-on-resident sexual harassment.
    Investigation Outcome: both were unsubstantiated.