Frequently Asked Questions

When can I go on Home Confinement?

You are eligible for Home Confinement once you reach your eligibility date which is determined by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). Everyone’s date is different, so you should see your NWRRC case manager to find out what your eligibility date is. In order to go on home confinement you need an approved residence with a landline phone. Background checks need to be completed on everyone who is 18 and over living in the home. No alcohol, firearms, or illegal drugs are allowed in the home; with no exceptions. Home confinement only applies to pre-release residents.

Can I have a cell phone?

Yes.  Once you get a phone, you must immediately turn it in to staff for approval or it will be confiscated for 30 days. You will need a copy of the cell phone bill/contract verifying that the phone is in your name. If the phone is not in your name, you will need the account holder to fax a notarized letter or write a letter in the presence of staff granting you permission to use a phone in their name.

Can I drive?

Yes. Like cell phones, driving privileges are only approved by the Director. You need a valid driver’s license, current registration, insurance in your name or on the policy, a spare key, and a printout from the DMV verifying the status of your Driver’s License. The registration does not need to be in your name but the registered owner must authorize your use of the vehicle.

When will my visitors be approved?

All visitor request forms are sent to the probation office who runs a background check whether you have supervision or not. They will notify us when your visitors have been approved or denied. This process is out of NWRRC’s control, though we will inform you once we receive notification. You are eligible for a one-time immediate family visit/drop off at the time of your arrival. After that you need to wait for your visitors to be approved

When can I leave on a pass?

All incoming residents have a 72 hour minimum in-house orientation period. After the first 72 hours, you will be allowed to take an initial hygiene pass for 3 hours to buy personal hygiene supplies. After that point, passes for job searching, treatment, church, etc. are dependent on your having an approved ID and your success in the program.

Am I required to pay for the cost of my placement at NWRRC?

No, but it is a requirement of the Bureau of Prisons that you pay “subsistence ” in the amount of 25% of your gross wages.

What should I bring to NWRRC?

  • Copy or original of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and any photo identification
  • Clothing for seven days (limited space is available for storage)
  • Weather appropriate shoes and outerwear
  • Toiletry items
  • Liquid laundry soap
  • Change for pay phones