2018 PREA Report


PREA Annual Report 2018

In 2018, NWRRC has continued an agency-wide commitment to promote the safety and well-being of our residents.  One aspect of this commitment is to ensure that reports of PREA-related incidents are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.  During 2018, six PREA reports were made and investigated.  The outcome of those reports is as follows:

3 resident-on-resident reports of sexual harassment were made.
Outcome: 2 were substantiated, 1 was unfounded

1 staff-on-resident report of sexual harassment was made.
Outcome: unfounded

1 staff-on-resident report of sexual assault was made.
Outcome: unfounded.

1 staff-on-resident report of sexual harassment that allegedly occurred at another facility was reported. The information was sent to the facility where the behavior allegedly occurred to enable them to conduct their own investigation. After the resident released from NWRRC, contact information was provided to the investigating facility to enable them to notify the resident of the outcome of the investigation.
Outcome: unknown